rent department at snap foto studio

Rentals at SNAP Foto Studio

SNAP Foto studio offers a large variety of gear that can be rented by guests, amateur photographers, and professionals. We offer continuous lights, strobe lights, cameras, modifiers, reflectors, tripods, E mount lenses, and other fun stuff like a bubble machine, snow machine, smoke machine, and even a prop cigarette that lights up and smokes when used. All the necessary stuff to get that perfect and unique shot. If you’re unsure what piece of gear will work best for your shoot, ask a SNAP Foto associate. Look for bundle packages that offer the best value, and a huge amount of gear to choose from.


All rentals are for the daily duration of your visit at the studio, unless otherwise specified. Rentals are subject to an agreement and availability. Rentals are not available outside the studio. Packages are available as an add-on during online booking, all other rental options are available in studio.

Continuous LED Lights

All Continuous light rentals come with a stand.


  • Continuous Light Package-$50

This package includes:

-1X Godox SL200W

-2X Godox SL60W

-Access to all our Bowens light modifiers at no additional cost (excluding 5X7 Scrim)

-Access to all our reflectors, flags, stands, and gels at no additional cost.


  • Neewer 20″ Ring Light – $25 each, or $35 for 2.

These easy to use, battery powered, and Bi-Color lights are a favourite for portraits and glamour shots. They cast very even light that hides shadows and blemishes on the face. A great choice for make up artists featuring new looks. For best results, use the ring lights at close range.


  • Godox FL150R Panel LED Light-$35 each, or $50 for 2.

These unique 1″X4″ continuous Bi-Color LED flexible panel lights are easy to use, light, and easy to navigate around the studio. These lights come with soft boxes and grids to control the light direction and spill. The BI-Color LEDs on these lights make it easy to match the color temperature of the continuous LEDs that illuminate the entire studio.


  • Godox SL60W LED Light with Bowens Mount-$25 each, or $35 for 2

These monolight style LED lights use Bowens mount so they can be paired with any of our modifiers. These lights are the same units that currently illuminate the main studio space, so matching the color temperature is a breeze.  Each SL60 comes with a $10 credit towards our modifier selection. Standard bowl reflector included.


  • Godox SL200W LED Light with Bowens Mount-$35

This is the same light as the SL60W but with much more power. The beefier output makes it possible to get creative with your lighting, and also does a better job filling some of our larger modifiers.


  • Godox LC500 LED Light Stick-$25

This handheld light is Bi-Color and battery powered. Useful for general lighting and light painting. This light also makes for a pretty convincing Star Wars light saber.


  • Yongnuo YN360 III RGB LED Light Stick-$25

This battery powered handheld light wand emits colored light. This light is a great compliment to our neon sign room. Use the color wheel to create complimentary colored fill light on your subject. Instant vibe.


Strobe Lights (Recommended For Pros)

All Strobe lights at SNAP Foto Club are battery powered, triggered wirelessly, and HSS capable. Remote triggers are included and available for Sony, Canon, and Nikon. All strobe light rentals come with a stand.


  • Strobe Light package-$65

This package includes:

-2X Godox V860IIS

-2X Godox AD200

-2X Godox AD600 (a 3rd and additional AD600 Pro is available for an extra $20)

-Access to all our Bowens modifiers at no additional cost (excluding 5×7 scrim)

-Access to all our reflectors, flags, stands, and gels at no additional cost


  • Godox V860IIS Speedlite-$25 for 1, or$35 for 2.

These speedlites can be used off camera with an included remote transmitter. Simply plug the transmitter into the hot shoe of your camera and wirelessly trigger the speedlites off camera. The rental includes a $10 credit per light, towards modifiers.


  • Godox AD200 Pocket Flash-$30 for 1, or $40 for 2.

These speedlites on steroids are more powerful than the V860II and can be used with a fresnel head, or an omni bare bulb. An ideal choice for larger modifiers. The rental includes a $15 credit per light, towards modifiers. Comes with bowl reflector.


  • Godox AD600-$35 for 1, or $50 for 2.

Powerful Bowens mount monolight with bowl reflector. The rental includes a $20 credit per light, towards modifiers.


Light Modifiers

All modifiers at SNAP Foto studio are Bowens mount.


  • Modifier Package-$50

This package is ideal for creators that bring their own lights but need modifiers.


All Bowens modifiers and umbrellas. (Excluding 5X7 scrim)


  • 2X2 Softbox-$10.

Ideal for speedlites. Comes with optional grid to control spill.


  • 33″ 2in1 Umbrella-$5 for 1, or 2 for $7.50.

This umbrella can be used as a shoot through or bounce.


  • 40″ 2in1 Umbrella-$10 for 1, or $15 for 2.

This umbrella can be used as a shoot through or bounce.


  • 32″ Beauty Dish-$15

Beauty dish with white interior.


  • 2X3 Softbox-$15 for 1, or $22.50 for 2.

Comes with optional grid to control spill.


  • 1X5 Strip Softbox-$15 for 1, or $22.50 for 2.

Comes with optional grid to control spill.


  • 3X4 Softbox-$20 for 1, or $30 for 2.

Comes with optional grid to control spill.


  • 47″ Octabox-$20

Comes with optional grid to control spill.


  • 63″ Parabolic deep umbrella-$25 for 1, or $35 for 2.

Silver interior with diffusion layer.


  • 63″ Parabolic deep umbrella-$25

White interior with diffusion layer.


  • 5X7 Scrim-$30

Comes with 2 wheeled stands.


  • Optical Snoot-$25

Comes with 16 different slides. A super fun modifier that casts light in the shape of things like window panes or blinds.


Reflectors, Flags, Gels

  • Clamshell Curved Reflector-$20

Excellent for headshots, portraiture, beauty, and glamour photography. Comes with silver, white, and gold surfaces. Comes with stand.


  • 35″X70″ Panel Reflector-$15 for 1, or 2 for $20

Large panel reflectors that can be put on stands. These have silver, black, white, and gold surfaces. Comes with 1 stand per reflector.


  • 32″ 5in1 Reflector with handles-$10

Comes in white, black, silver, gold, and translucent. Use this reflector to bounce light from our numerous skylights and windows.


  • Correction and Effect Gels-$15

A collection of correction and effect gels that can be used on strobes, and continuous LED lights.

Stands and Tripods

  • Silver Stainless Steel C Stand with boom and wheels-$15

Excellent for booming lights and quickly wheeling across our hardwood floors.


  • Rolling Stainless Steel Light Stand with wheels-$10

Excellent for quick wheeling across our hardwood floors.


  • Aluminium Ball Head Tripod-$15

Comes with ball head for quick adjustments.

Sony E Mount Lenses

  • 12MM Laowa f/2.8-$35
  • 18MM Zeiss Batis f/2.8-$35
  • 21MM Zeiss Loxia f/2.8-$35
  • 35MM Sigma Art f/1.2-$40
  • 55MM Sony f/1.8-$35
  • 65MM Voigtlander f/2-$40
  • 85MM Sony GM f/1.4-$45
  • 110MM Voigtlander Macro f/2.5-$40
  • 135MM Sony GM f/1.8-$50
  • 24-70MM Sony GM f/2.8-$45
  • 70-200MM Sony GM f/2.8-$50


  • Nikon D3400 DSLR-$25

Professional camera with 18-55MM lens. Comes with SD card.


  • Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera-$25 without film, $35 with pack of 10 exposures.

Get instant prints out of this fun camera. Extra film is available.

Other fun stuff

  • Snow machine-$40

Let it snow! Create realistic looking snow for your shots. Comes with a full tank of snow juice.


  • Bubble machine-$40

Bubbles! Comes with full tank of bubble juice.


  • Smoke/Fog machine-$40

Smoke! Comes with full tank of smoke juice. SNAP foto studio has a fire suppression that must be taken offline before the fog machine can be used. The fog machine may only be used 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday. Please contact us at least 2 business days prior to your booking date if you would like to rent the fog machine.


  • Actor prop cigarette-$15

The unit is a standard cigarette sized electronic device that generates a safe non-toxic vapor that allows the realistic action of smoking without any exposure to actual smoke, carcinogens, nicotine or smell. The  cigarette has three parts, The replaceable mouthpiece cartridge, the atomizer which creates the vapor, and the electronics/battery tip with glowing LED feature. The rental includes a new replaceable mouthpiece that gives about 30-60 puffs.


  • 4X4 Sheets of Plexi-Glass-$15 for 1, or 2 for $25

Plexi-Glass sheets make a great floor when using seamless paper backgrounds. They keep the seamless paper clean from footprints, and they leave a fab reflection on the floor.


  •  27″ Benq SW271 4K Monitor with Shading Hood-$50

A calibrated 4K monitor with shading hood, ideal for critical work. The monitor has USB-C, HDMI, and Display Port inputs. Use with a tethered computer, or directly from your camera. Please ensure you have the correct cables to make it work with your system.


  • Godox ZP1 Smartphone Gimbal-$20

Keep your Tik Tok videos smooth and stable with this smartphone Gimbal.