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Snap Foto Studio

SNAP Foto studio is located downtown on historic Stephen Avenue in Calgary AB. The studio has 4000 sq. ft. of shooting space for rent. Semi-Private rentals (Nova and Kitty) are segregated sections of the full studio and are ideal for photographers/videographers who shoot against seamless paper or traditional backdrops, but also need some fun props and scenes. The minimum booking on Nova and Kitty is a half day, studio Dino and the full studio can be booked hourly. Studio Dino is perfect for head shots, portraits, and other traditional photo sessions and comes with some limited props and furniture. The studios are named after our beloved pets.


If you would like to make use of all of the fun backdrops, props, and furniture that SNAP Foto studio has to offer, booking Nova & Kitty or the full studio is your best bet. Full studio bookings are fully private and can be booked hourly. Your booking includes props like a clawfoot bathtub, beautiful chairs, sofas, a chaise lounge, flowers, rose petals, unique and custom backdrops, the list of props is endless. In addition, full studio bookings allow you to customize the space to your liking.


As a means to foster and support artists, photographers, and videographers, SNAP Foto offers full studio bookings as a cut-rate after hours special. This means you can rent the entire studio at 50% of rental fees for half day and full day rentals. After hours bookings must be booked at studio closing time.


If you don’t need privacy, and/or you don’t need to shoot against a seamless backdrop you can use the studio in a shared capacity, check out the SNAP Foto Club website for tickets.


All shooting spaces at the studio have access to the SNAP Foto Cafe which has refreshments, drinks, and alcohol for after your session.


SNAP Foto studio offers a large variety of lights, reflectors, lenses, and other gear that can be rented by guests, amateur photographers, and professionals. Please visit the gear rental section of our website for a comprehensive list. Look for bundle packages that offer the best value, and access to a huge amount of gear.


Snap Foto studio also offers the use of 9′ seamless paper backgrounds in various colors.


Seamless paper options:


  • $30 per color, for one time use.

One time use is defined as a single pull that covers approximately 6ft. of floor length. Additional pulls may be available, but are based on availability of paper. If you need more than one pull, please contact us prior to your booking date.


Headshot photographers who do not need floor coverage with their paper, pay a single $30 fee to access all colors we have available.


The current available colors are: Black, white, grey, light blue, and yellow. If you need a color that we do not have in stock, we can procure a new roll for your session. Please contact us prior to your booking date to arrange this service.

  • $150 for a new roll, in a color of your choice.


All sessions booked at SNAP Foto studio must agree to our terms of use.

Studio Dino 23’X14′


Private booking. Studio Dino offers private AC/Heat controls, 3 north facing windows for abundant natural light, 10′ ceilings, and an independent audio channel for personalized music. Access to shared washroom/change room, and make up stations. The perfect studio for headshots and portraits.



Full Day (8 hours): $320.00+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $200.00+GST

Hourly: $60.00+GST



 7 days a week. 8AM-9PM.


Book Dino

Studio Kitty 25’X23′


Semi-private booking of the mezzanine. Studio Kitty offers private AC/heat control, 5 east/west facing windows, 2 huge skylights, 10′ ceilings, independent audio channel, common washroom, props and furniture, shared make up stations, and amazing views of the Calgary Tower. Kitty is for shooters who want to utilize natural light. The combination of the skylights and windows in this space make it seem like you’re outdoors. A must see.



Full Day (8 hours): $400.00+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $250.00+GST



 7 days a week. 8AM-9PM.


Book Kitty

Studio Nova 60’X20′(Minimum)


Semi-Private Rental. Studio Nova offers private AC/heat control, 4 north facing windows, 2 large skylights, ceiling fans, independent audio channel, shared washroom, props and furniture, shared make up stations, view of Calgary Tower. Nova has enough length to shoot a full body portrait at 200MM.



Full Day (8 hours): $500.00+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $300.00+GST



 7 days a week. 8AM-9PM.


Book Nova

Studio Nova & Kitty


Semi-Private Rental. Booking Studio Nova and Kitty gives you access to all the fun backdrops that our studio offers, and you’re able to choose between Nova and Kitty for placement of your seamless paper backdrop.



Full Day (8 hours): $850.00+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $500.00+GST



 7 days a week. 8AM-9PM.


Book Nova & Kitty

Full Studio (4000 Sq. Ft.)


Fully private booking (lockout). Access to all Snap Foto studio has to offer. All photo areas, backdrops, props, furniture, make up stations, change rooms, skylights, and audio channels are at your disposal. Minimum 10′ ceiling.



Full Day (8 hours): $1200.00+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $700.00+GST

Hourly: $200.00+GST


After hours rates:

Full Day (8 hours): $600+GST

Half Day (4 Hours): $350.00+GST



7 days a week.


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