• Snap Foto Workshops

  • SNAP Foto is proud to present a photography education like no other. Operating out of a studio in a beautiful heritage building built in 1892, SNAP Foto workshops are the answers to your photography related questions. Workshops from SNAP Foto can include access to a unique 4000 square foot studio, classroom, props, models, experienced and passionate instructors, immediate access to one of the most photographed streets in Calgary (Stephen Avenue), transportation to on-location shoots, a café with refreshments, and gear, gear, and more gear. We invite you to come learn in an environment where the only limitation is your imagination. Current workshops offered by SNAP Foto are listed below.

Stop Shooting In Auto

Your camera is not the boss of you. You paid for the damn thing, so take control and show it who is boss. Learn to shoot in Manual mode and release your creative potential.

Stop Relying On Natural Light

Learning how to use Off Camera Flash will be the single best investment you will make as a photographer. Learn to use strobe lights.

I'll fix it in post

Remember when you told your client you would fix an image in editing? Here is your chance to learn how to do that. Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to process your images.

3 Workshop Bundle

Stop Shooting in Auto, Stop Relying on Natural Light, and I'll Fix it in Post, all rolled into 1 easy purchase with a savings of $100. All you need to kickstart your photography journey.

What photography workshop should I start with?

We  recommend taking the classes in the following order:


  1. Stop Shooting in Auto
  2. Stop Relying on Natural Light
  3. I’ll fix it in post


Beginners should start with “Stop Shooting in Auto”

How does the 3 Workshop Bundle work?

Purchase the bundle of 3 workshops and save $100.


Once you complete the checkout for the  workshop bundle you will receive a code that can be redeemed for 1 participant admission to the following 3 workshops:

“Stop Shooting in Auto”

“Stop Relying on Natural Light”

“I’ll Fix it in Post”


The codes do not expire and can be used anytime the workshops are being run (including future dates). We recommend that all 3 workshops be taken in the order listed above.

Do I need to take all 3 workshops?

We recommend all 3 workshops for a solid foundation in photography. However, some students may have a more advanced understanding of photography than others so they can select only the workshops that help them in their educational journey.

Do you offer payment plans for your workshops?

Yes, we offer a payment plan on our 3 workshop bundle.


Payment plans can be put towards upcoming scheduled workshops, or future workshop dates.  All workshops paid through payment plans must be fully paid before attending.


Please contact us to arrange a custom payment plan for your 3 Workshop bundle.




Are these workshops conducted indoors?

Yes, our core workshops are conducted from our 4000 square foot studio, housed in a heritage building on historic Stephen Avenue. On occasion we step outside to grab photos of models on picturesque and historic Stephen Avenue.


Specialty on location workshops will be denoted with specific location details.

Do any of these workshops offer hands on training?

Absolutely! All the workshops include hands on segments that allow students to shoot in the studio with models.

In there a discount on taking all 3 workshops?

Yes, we can offer a savings of $100 on taking all 3 workshops. You can purchase the 3 workshop bundle by clicking here.

Do you offer workshops for Wedding photography? Portraiture? Boudoir? Etc...

The core skills learned in our 3 main classes can be applied to any photography style. The idea is to arm you with the knowledge necessary to pursue your preferred style of photography.


On occasion we may have specialty workshops that cater towards specific styles of photography. Any specialty workshop will be announced on this page.