jenn beaupre rose petals photo shoot


How many photographers will be at my photoshoot?

SNAP will have two photographers present at your shoot. If a second shooter is not necessary, the second photographer will act as an assistant. Having two photographers is one of the advantages of SNAP! We provide more coverage and can capture photos from multiple vantage points which is not possible with a single photographer.

What are your rates?

Please visit the rates section of our website

What's in your camera bag?

We’re prepared to handle any situation. We pack Sony mirrorless cameras, high end lenses from Sony, Zeiss, and Voigtlander, and backups of backups in case something goes wrong. We also bring enough artificial light to handle the brightest sunny day or the darkest night or venue.

Are you available for work out of the Calgary city limits?

Absolutely! Please contact us for a quote.

Do you have backup equipment in case something goes wrong?

Yes! We have multiple camera bodies, lenses and lights.

When do I get to see my photos?

SNAP prides itself on a quick turnaround time. Each project is different, and some will take longer than others, but every effort is made to quickly deliver the finished product. A delivery time estimate will be given to you during the consultation.

Do you have any props for my photoshoot?

Yes! We have arguably one of the largest photography prop closets available in Calgary. We have a variety of chairs, couches, backdrops, and small props available to suit your creative needs. 

I want a custom backdrop for my photoshoot, can you help me out?

Yes we can! As owners of SNAP Foto Club we are always creating new backdrops. We can work with you to create a custom look for your photoshoot. Price will depend on the design and timeline. Please contact us to discuss your ideas!

Do you have a studio space?

Yes! SNAP Foto Club is a 4000 square foot studio located in the heart of downtown Calgary on Stephen Avenue. Our studio is located in the historic Heritage Building known as Tribune Block. It was built in 1892 and boasts beautiful brick and sandstone interiors, and hardwood floors. Our space is outfitted with one of a kind backdrops creating an unparalleled experience for your photoshoot.

Do you rent your studio space?

Yes! Please visit the studio section of our website for more info.

Does the studio offer light rentals?

Yes, we have strobes and ring lights for rent.


Strobe package:

  • 2 Godox 600 Ws monolights
  • 2 Godox 200Ws pocket strobes
  • All strobes are wireless and battery powered
  • Triggers for Sony, Nikon or Canon are included
  • Various modifiers available
  • $50 for the duration of your studio rental



Ring lights:

  • 2 Bi-Color ring lights
  • Battery powered
  • $25 for the duration of your studio rental

What is a semi-private studio booking?

A semi-private booking is ideal for a traditional pro photography shoot with a seamless paper backdrop. This sort of studio booking means that you are booking a section of the entire studio space. The studio is closed to the general public but there may be at maximum 2 other photographers working out of different areas of the studio.