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  • Stop Shooting In Auto

  • Your camera is not the boss of you. You paid for the damn thing, so take control and show it who is boss. This workshop will teach you how to take off your training wheels and learn to shoot in Manual. You will walk away from this workshop comfortable with shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus modes, the histogram, and other essential ingredients to taking great photos.


  • Basic Information

    • Sunday November 27, 2022 9AM-5PM
    • Open to beginners and intermediate shooters
    • $350.00+GST

  • What's included

    • Access to classroom
    • Access to 4000 square foot studio
    • Hands on practice with models
    • 1 free ticket to SNAP Foto Club
    • 1 week of email support

  • What you need to bring

    • A camera that can be set to manual
    • Something to take notes on
    • Your eyes

camera dials


Meet and greet, intro to studio, classroom theory.

During this segment the students will meet and greet with each other and the instructor. Afterwards we will take a short tour of the studio and then move into the classroom to start exploring the camera and its various functions.

coffee cup snap foto club


Lunch and mingle

Students will have the opportunity to grab something to eat or drink from the SNAP Foto Cafe, use the facilities, and get some fresh air outside on Stephen Avenue. This will also be an opportunity for everyone in the class to mingle and network with others.

backlit model at the beach at snap foto club


Practical application

Instructors will demonstrate in studio practical examples of concepts discussed in classroom.

jenn beaupre rose petals photo shoot


Hands on with models

Students will have the opportunity to put to practice what they learned in theory and practical examples. Model(s) will be on hand to pose for students in studio and outside on Stephen Avenue. Instructors will be on hand to help, answer questions, and provide feedback.

What should I bring to "Stop Shooting in Auto"?

A DSLR or mirrorless camera that can be set to “manual” is necessary for “Stop Shooting in Auto”. If you plan on continuing to our light workshop “Stop Relying on Natural Light” your camera will also need a hot shoe.


You will also need something to take notes on.

I learn best in a hands on situation, will there be an opportunity for me to learn hands on?

Absolutely! Students will have a chance to work in our studio with the instructor and on their own. A model will also be available to pose as a subject for all students.

How long is the class?

The class runs for 8 hours (including breaks)

What prerequisites do I need for "Stop Shooting in Auto"?

“Stop Shooting in Auto” is for beginners and you do not need any previous photography experience to take this workshop.

I have various questions regarding my camera, photography, my goals etc.. Will I be able to ask these questions during the workshop?

Yes, please write down your questions and the instructor will give the class ample opportunities to ask questions.

Does the brand of my camera matter?

No, a skilled photographer can create works of art with almost any camera. Camera brands are personal choices and have nothing to do with the quality of work you create.

Is there a discount on taking all 3 workshops?

Yes, we can offer a savings of $100 on taking all 3 workshops.

What class should I take after I am finished with "Stop Shooting in Auto"?

After you have taken control of your camera you must learn to control light. The next workshop after “Stop Shooting in Auto” is “Stop Relying on Natural Light”

We recommend all 3 workshops for a solid foundation in photography.

All workshop participants must agree to our rules and terms